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Step into your new normal — move forward to life after cancer treatment

The Looking Forward program is a practical guide and resource tool to help recovering cancer patients rebuild their lives after treatment.

Identify Your Needs

During your recovery, it can be helpful to take the time to understand where you feel you are now physically, emotionally and socially, as well as what has changed for you and how to adjust to any changes that are now part of your life. You can browse the individual chapter topics to get more information—or you can start the self-scan questionnaire below to help you identify your present needs and create a personalized roadmap for your recovery.

Before starting the questionnaire, we recommend that you read Chapter 1: What’s Next? to find out more about the transition to recovery.

All Chapters

Self-Scan Questionnaire

The self-scan questionnaire is divided into the three sections described below. Each section includes a series of questions and statements to help you identify your present needs. As you progress through the recovery experience, you can come back and complete the questionnaire as many times as you like, as your needs and priorities may change over time.


Your physical condition


Your emotional and spiritual wellbeing


Your relationships, work and social life

About Looking Forward

Originally designed as a series of seven booklets, the Looking Forward program provides support and resources during recovery for cancer patients and their families. All of the content is based on patient experience. Patients helped establish content priorities, collaborated throughout the consultation process, and were involved in the evaluation of the content. The Looking Forward website provides the same information, as well as an opportunity for patients to participate in an interactive experience to create a personalized roadmap for recovery.

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