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Self-Scan Questionnaire*

In each section of the questionnaire, check the box beside all of the questions and/or statements that relate to your present situation to create your personalized roadmap to recovery.

Come back and create a new roadmap as many times as you like—your needs and priorities may change as you move through recovery.
Your responses to the questionnaire and your roadmap information will be saved in your browser. You can answer part of the questionnaire one day and come back to complete it at another time—the information will still be there and you won't have to start again. None of your responses or roadmap information will be saved on the server. You can remove the information from your browser at any time by clearing the hosted app data. Click here to clear your information.
* Adapted from Magee, Sherri, and Kathy Scalzo. Picking Up the pieces: Moving Forward After Surviving Cancer. Vancouver: Raincoast Books, 2006, pp. 78-79, 128-129.

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